Don't Follow Me I'm LostYou have found yourself at the website of Richard Rushfield, wherein we shall experience the Years of Richard Rushfield along with me.

First and foremost, however, we will encoounter all matters relating to my upcoming memoir spectacular, Don’t Follow Me I’m Lost: A Memoir of Hampshire College in the Twilight of the 80’s (pictured left).

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Some advance praises for DFMIL:

“Richard Rushfield was a dick in college just ask him. DFMIL is a hilarious recanting of a unique, and often absurd higher education experience. Rushfield is a completely lovable ne’er-do-well bumbling through a do it yourself education. Required reading for anyone who went to college, lives near a college or owns a hacky sack.”
– Greg Behrendt, comic/Author -“He’s Just Not That Into You”

“Richard Rushfield has provided a worm’s eye view of one of America’s kookiest education experiments: Hampshire College. It was here that the idealism of the Sixties curdled into the nihilism of the Eighties — and ‘Don’t Follow me, I’m Lost’ isn’t merely about a troubled liberal arts school, but an entire generation’s nervous breakdown. It is by turns rueful, angry, touching and, above all, very, very funny.”
– Toby Young “How To Lose Friends and Alienate People”

“Richard Rushfield has written a smart, funny, fish-out-of-water love letter to the 80’s. Vivid settings plus memorable characters and wry humor equals one totally awesome memoir.”
– Moon Zappa

“Had Dorothy Parker been a teenage boy in the Eighties, she’d have been Richard Rushfield, whose bon mots fly from a roundtable set in dank stairwell parties around kegs of flat beer.” –Stacey Grenrock Woods, author of I, California

“Richard Rushfield recalls his college years as a loveable miscreant living among the P.C. police with unflinching humor and a generous appreciation for a group of wayward youths struggling to forge meaningful identities (and stay in college as long as possible). He finds humor in nearly all the players – from the hippie advisors who suggest skipping classes in order to encourage independent thinking to the over-privileged students who rise from their cocaine and cockroach-filled dwellings to perform purposely upsetting concerts. I can’t imagine a more unique or uproarious depiction of the post-Reagan, pre-grunge era.” – Anna David, author of Bought, host of “Attack of the Show!”

More news to follow.  Check back here constantly for updates..

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