Today is Today! Don’t Follow Me is Here

October 29, 2009

n91518167271_4679Twenty years in the making, the stunning tale of my Hampshire College years arrives at bookstores today.

Will chime in later on the road ahead to bring this incredibly important story to the world, but you can commemorate this day but checking out my playlist for listening while you read the book (if you can listen to music and read a book at the same time. I can’t really, but i can go back and forth) over at the wonderful largeheartedboy site.

As ever you can get all your information about the book and order it by clicking on the links here.

Or join the Facebook group here, where violent argument has already broken out.

Many thanks to all the wonderful family and friends who have supported me along the way, and to the great people at Gotham who brought this tale to the world.

More later tonight on the controversy already breaking out about the stunning revelations within this book and my answer to the eternal “Why should I care about these people?” question.

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One Response to “Today is Today! Don’t Follow Me is Here”

  1. KBO says:

    I think I’m proud of you!

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