This week I returned to Hampshire College to read from my memoirs of the my long-forgotten time there, Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost. All in all a delightful visit and I especially enjoyed hearing from the current students their thoughts on the book. The crowd seemed about evenly divided between boos and applause, as it should be.

Below are video excerpts from the Q and A session. The audio is pretty rough in spots unfortunately.

Many thanks to current Hampshire student Christopher Blyler for putting the event together; truly an inquiring young man in the classic Hampshire mold who ended up asking me the toughest question of the night.

First video is below. The rest are after the jump.

Don’t Follow Me Returns to Hampshire Soil | 2009 | dontfollowmeimlost | Comments (1)

One Response to “Don’t Follow Me Returns to Hampshire Soil”

  1. Dltooley says:

    I’ve always wondered what Hampshire became after I left – thanks to your book and these videos I feel I have a decent sense of both the short and long term, thanks.

    FWIW, I could watch even more of that video, even though I was once heckled in that very room.

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