SHE WASN'T REALLY ALL THAT LONELY IT TURNS OUT!The Awl asked a bunch of media deadbeats like myself to remember a critical moment of the past decade. I stunned the world and myself by not making mine about Idol, but writing instead about my prior triumph, the hunt for lonelygirl.

It begins:

In 2006, as a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper, I joined in what was at that time the largest manhunt in human history: the search for lonelygirl15.

At the time, all the world knew about this shadowy underworld figure was that she claimed to be a teenage girl shooting videos herself on a webcam from her teenage bedroom somewhere in the great sprawl of America. As the world became entranced by the beguiling and wise innocence of her two-minute films, the demand grew to a ferocious roar for the young star to step forward and accept all the honors that a celebrity-driven society could bestow on an instant sensation. And when Bree, aka lonelygirl, failed to materialize, the suspicion arose that perhaps this was some sort of fraud—that the world was being put on.

Read it all here.

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