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A couple nice reviews out there for Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost out across the internet.

Patrick Brown at the The Millions begins

This is the first book review I’ve written in nearly three years, since I hung up my reviewing socks following a stint at Publishers Weekly’s online division, where I was paid handsomely in American currency to review books about sports and music. Those books were assigned to me based on a rough affinity for the subject matter. I liked baseball and Phil Spector music and funny writing, so I was assigned books about baseball, Phil Spector and the music industry, naturally.

Despite my purported interest in the subject matter, however, I often disliked the books assigned to me. Perhaps this was a residual effect of years of assigned reading at school. These books, looming over my reading list like a colonoscopy, found me angry and tired. Still, I gave them a fair shake. A few rose above to really impress me. Others offered diversion or momentary entertainment before lapsing into unrelenting mediocrity. Several were nearly too dreadful to finish.

Read it all here.

And on the blog of the great Pasadena book mecca Vrommans, a completely different Patrick was also very kind.

There are also a handful of not-friendly reviews out there, which strangely I don’t have the links to handy, but having written plenty of not-friendly things in my life about others’ work, I say all the better; slams are very welcome.

Overall, if you look at the Goodreads ratings for instance, seems my little memoir either gets zero to one stars or four-to-five stars; readers either love it or throw it down in disgust. Which is the most one can ask for. The most common question from the critics seems to be, why should I care about these inert, cretinous characters? My first reaction to that is, if you don’t, then you shouldn’t. I can’t convince to care about something that didn’t evoke empathy on the page.

But I think I need a better answer than that. My first new year’s resolution is to come up with one. Watch this space.

And as ever, complete info and ordering links right here.

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